1. Can I serve with my Life Group, Masters Plan, Bible Study Group, or family?

Yes! Serving as a Life Group, Bible Study, Masters Plan, Bible Study or as a Family Group, is a great way for members to connect while blessing the community! Groups are also encouraged to find their own projects. While we have a list of projects, your group will experience much more passion, enthusiasm and ownership if you create your own. If you identify your own project, the first step is to have the point person leading your group contact Beckie Romig or call 814-574-6504 to confirm the project. If you decide to sign-up for a project that is listed in the catalog we ask that you register everyone in your group thru Beckie as well. To review the online catalog for an existing project, you can do so at www.sc-cityserve.org. Please sign up for all projects by Sunday, April 4th.

2. Can I serve if I'm not part of a Group?

Yes! We want everyone to participate in CityServe! There will be a list of service projects online at www.sc-cityserve.org or in the project catalog available in the lobby at each worship gathering beginning March 28th. You and your family (or just you) can sign up for any one of those projects. We strongly encourage everyone who can to register online where you will receive immediate feedback regarding your selection. Please sign up for all projects by Monday, April 4th.

How do I sign-up?

  1. The list of service projects mentioned above will be posted on the website at www.sc-cityserve.org beginning March 20th. Review the list and identify the projects where you wish to serve. Then click on "Volunteer to Serve," complete the form and submit online or contact Bob Barbash or call 814-238-0822, ext.17. Please sign up for all projects by Sunday, April 4th.
  2. A printed version of the catalog will be available in the lobby at worship gatherings the weekends of March 20th, March 27th, and April 3rd. Review the catalog, tear off the servant volunteer form, complete it and submit it at the registration table in the lobby.
  3. A registration table will be setup in each lobby where you can sign up online at one of the computers available or submit a paper copy of your form.
  4. Take a catalog home, review it and then register online from home.
  5. Please sign up for all projects by Sunday, April 4th.

3. What should I do if I know of someone or an organization that we could serve?

We need lots of projects! Your ideas are welcome! Please submit your project ideas at www.sc-cityserve.org or call 814-238-0822, ext.17 with any projects that you know about. We need to hear about new projects as soon as possible. The planning team will appreciate any project ideas submitted.

4. How long will my service project last?

The length of each service project will vary. We are estimating that many of the projects will last approximately four hours. Please check the website or the project catalog for more specific times of each project.

5. What kinds of projects will be available?

There will be a wide spectrum of service projects that will bless different populations in a variety of ways. Examples of projects include: interacting with elderly individuals in retirement homes, cleaning homes and doing yard work, painting, completing administrative tasks to help local organizations, construction projects, etc. Family-friendly projects will also be included. Family-friendly means that younger children can participate but also have a place where they can play safely when they get tired of "working." We are also forming a CityServe prayer team. For more information, please contact Theresa McElwain.

6. Do I need any special skills?

There are ways for EVERYONE to serve! Although there are some projects that need specific skills (construction, painting, etc.), there are many where a willingness to serve is the most important pre-requisite. Those requiring special skills will be noted in the project descriptions online and in the project catalog.

7. What if I will be gone that weekend? Can I still participate in some way?

Serving does not need to end April 18 & 19! Feel free to find a group of people and serve others with a project on a different day. You can also commit to pray that God would be made known in the Centre Region during CityServe weekend. For more information, please contact Theresa McElwain.

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please submit your question to info@sc-calvarysc.org or contact Bob Barbash at 814-238-0822, ext 17.